You might think that an organization managing over half a billion dollars would have a full time security team. Think again. A financial wealth management organization engaged FalconOps to augment their sole IT employee to ensure someone is watching and responding to any potential cyberattack 24/7. This led to reduced risk of a successful cyberattack, as well as freeing up the IT admin to reduce technical debt in other areas of the business.

Small Organizations Need Assistance

We often find that organizations with less than 100 employees do not have a full time security individual or aren’t even able to keep up with IT related matters. That's why we focus our efforts on assisting small organizations with top of the line managed security services.

I certainly feel better knowing FalconOps is on our side. Can't tell you how much better I feel about security since implementing your services.

We know that cybersecurity can be a major pain point - for any size organization. That's why we take the guesswork out of it and for a fraction of what large vendors charge. All while providing a service that is managed by individuals who come from the world’s most top-tier organizations in cybersecurity.

A Custom Solution

Each client is unique in their approach to cybersecurity and the data they are seeking to protect. When you engage us for any service, we listen to your concerns and ensure that they are heard and taken into account.

Our Cybersecurity Suggestions for Financial Organizations

We have a few basic controls that we strongly suggest to mitigate a large number of the common attack vectors:

  • Penetration Testing (or at a minimum vulnerability scanning quarterly) at least once a year for both external and internal systems.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication to access network resources and sensitive student information (VPNs/Office 365/Sensitive Client Software)
  • Managed Detection and Response on all critical systems and user systems accessing client information (we offer this as a service starting at $15 per system, per month, with no minimum system count)
  • Phishing & Security Awareness for all users, no exceptions

While there are plenty of other suggestions, we believe these will give you the biggest "bang-for-your-buck"

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Our team is composed of former NSA analysts and operators. We have the know-how and will ensure the best price compared to other comparable organizations.

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